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This is the Alltop Goodies page. We provide a potpourri of stuff that can either enhance your use of Alltop or increase our traffic—ideally both.

Alltop for iPad App

The free Alltop for iPad app is the best way to view Alltop and your MyAlltop page on an iPad.


Many of the websites and blogs that we aggregate display Alltop badges. Think of the badges as the digital analog to a “Good Housekeeping sign of approval.” Except that our badges have an attitude—for example, our favorite is “Confirmation that we kick ass.” We serve over 600,000 badges per day. You can see an example badge in the column on the right.

If you have a MyAlltop page, we also have badges for MyAlltop.


You can deploy an Alltop widget on your site or blog. We provide widgets for every topic. All you need to do is select the topic, configure the widget, copy a snippet of HTML code, and place the code your site or blog. You can have one or more widgets on your site. There are two example widgets in the column on the right.

News and Announcements Email List

You can subscribe to our email list for Alltop news and announcements. We send out an email every time we add a new topic to Alltop. If you really want to stay on top of Alltop, this is the way to do it. To sign up for this list, please send an email to You’ll get an email confirmation. Reply to the confirmation email, and you’re done.


If you truly want to help the cause, you can sign up for the Twitterfeed automatic postings of Alltop updates. This means that when we announce a new topic, your Twitter feed will include a copy of the announcements of the posts. This is one of most powerful ways you can help us.

Facebook Group

What self-respecting Web 2.0 company doesn’t have a Facebook Group? So of course we have one too.

Flickr Group

And if you have a Facebook Group, you might as well go all the way and have a Flickr photo feed too.


We maintain an Alltop blog for the sole purpose of making announcements about new topics and other big developments.


Our friends at Stickergiant have created a collection of four Alltop stickers for you to enhance your laptop, car, and office. You can order stickers online. Use the promotion code “alltop” to get free shipping.


Get Alltop schwag: regular T-shirts as well as the “Got cleavage?” V-neck model for the more daring Alltop fanatic.