MyAlltop Tutorial

“It’s not information overload. It’s filter failure.” – Clay Shirky

First, here’s an introduction to Alltop.

Alltop Video Tutorial

Video by Atelier Transfert

Are you sold? Then let’s get started!

In this tutorial, you’ll learn how to:

Create your MyAlltop account
Confirm your email address
Add feeds to your MyAlltop page
Change your MyAlltop page

If you just have questions about MyAlltop, see the MyAlltop FAQs.

Create Your MyAlltop Account

Click MyAlltop to take you to the MyAlltop page. Once there, click create an account:

Fill in your account information and click SIGN UP. Choose your Username carefully since it is the name of your MyAlltop account.

MyAlltop confirms that your account was created. Click CLOSE to continue.

Confirm Your Email Address

Look in your inbox for a confirmation email. If you don’t see it, check your spam folder. Click on the URL in the email to confirm. If you never receive the email, it may mean that you entered your email address wrong. If this happens, contact us.

When you confirm your email address, you’ll see the following. Click the Alltop logo to go to the home page:

Add Feeds to Your MyAlltop Page

Use the home page to find topics that in which you are interested. You can Search for them, click on categories (“Work,” “Health,” etc.), or look alphabetically (“N” for New York Times). If you’re looking for suggestions, here is our starterkit.

Click the + symbol to add a source to your MyAlltop page. A checkmark indicates that the source is already on your MyAlltop page.

Change Your MyAlltop Page

Click MyAlltop to go to your MyAlltop page:

When on your MyAlltop page, notice that the URL for your page is displayed in your browser. Use this URL to go straight to your MyAlltop page. You can share the URL.

Note: you do not need to log in in order to view your MyAlltop page. You only need to log in when you want to make changes to your MyAlltop page.

Click Manage feeds to change your MyAlltop page:

Reorder feeds by dragging and dropping. Delete feeds by clicking on the X near their name.

Anytime you want to add feeds or change your MyAlltop page, click on the LOG IN button and then Manage feeds.

For inspiration, check out what some celebrities have done:

• Adam Engst of TidBITS.
• Beth Blecherman of Silicon Valley Moms.
• David Allen of GTD fame.
• Dave Winer of RSS and Scripting News.
• John Battelle of Federated Media.
• Jeremy Gutsche of Trendhunter.
• Pam Slim of Escape from Cubicle Nation.
• Penelope Trunk of Brazen Careerist.
• Tony Hsieh of Zappos.

Click here to get started building your own MyAlltop page.

Have questions about MyAlltop? See the MyAlltop FAQs.