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10 crazy do-it-yourself bicycle designs

Posted by / March 9, 2010

Somewhere between innovation and time wasting you’ll discover the land of bizarre do-it-yourself bicycles. Here are ten of the strangest ones out there. See a few below:

The shoe-cycle—Not exactly a smoother ride, but you’ll definitely garner some attention.


The double bike—Aside from looking like a crazy person, there’s no new functionality here.


The office chair bike—It looks odd, but you’ll never suffer from another bicycle seat-induced wedgie again.


See all ten at eFITology.

More DIY ideas to inspire you.

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  • librahitech

    When I was a child, I used to invent my own bicycle with great success. I could ride through the busy town on my inventions. Gone are those days ALLTOP, me Lord.

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  • The shoe cycle would look great on my hall wall, a nice piece of art if ever I saw one.