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A helpful way to keep up with the latest developments for the streaming service, including recently-released music.

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Best Music Sites for 2020

As the saying goes, “Music hath charms to soothe a savage breast. To soften Rocks, or bend a knotted Oak.” Our list compiles all the best websites related to music: music news, band updates, concert dates, and all audio-related updates. 

Our list runs the gamut from time-tested publications to fan-run blogs. We’ve made sure to cut out the white noise and focus on only the must-have music news. 

Reddit Music

About 22.5 million redditors share all sorts of music related news, ranging from artist updates to music-related laws. There are also loads of interesting music discussions.

We Are the Music Makers

This subreddit is meant for music-makers: musicians, bother professional and hobbyists. Nearly a million musicians share tips, tricks, gear ideas, opinions, and ideas on this forum.

Listen to This

Are you looking for new music? Let nearly 16 million people give you all sorts of music recommendations, ranging from hot new hits to classics you may have missed.

Rolling Stone

Rolling Stone has been running since 1967. It is an industry leader for all things music-related, and their website brings you breaking music news, reviews, and everything you could want.

Consequence of Sound

Consequence of Sound bridges the gap between underground music and pop music, offering a wide range of news, reviews, and opinion on all kinds of musical genres. 

Fact Magazine

Fact Magazine began in 2003 and went digital in 2009. It highlights unique artists, often from the musical underground. Using creative storytelling techniques, Fact Magazine will expand your musical horizons. 

Brooklyn Vegan

Brooklyn Vegan was founded in 2004. This blog originally focused solely on the New York music scene, but it has expanded to Austin and Chicago, too. In addition to those areas of focus, it also dabbles in international music news. 

Slipped Disc

Norman Lebrecht created Slipped Disc as an open-source, avant-garde music blog. Readers contribute all kinds of news about music, especially higher art music.


As the name implies, Idolator focuses on music idols. With news, pics, and photos of pop music icons, Idolator is either your go-to music site or your guilty pleasure. 


Matthew Perpetua has been blogging (almost daily) about music since 2002. He’s worked at Buzzfeed, Rolling Stone, PRI, and has contributed to Pitchfork, MTV, and more. He offers wonderful reviews of songs and albums.


Popjustice was founded in 2000 by Peter Robinson, a music journalist. It focuses on popular music, and its longevity has given it unique perspective on the shifts in popular music.