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As Homer Simpson once said: “TV! Teacher! Lover! Secret mother!” If you has as much passion for TV as Homer, then this list of blogs will satisfy your cravings. We don’t waste time with any of the clickbaity websites––this is all silver screen gold. 

The websites we’ve selected range from well-known TV sources like TV Guide to TV fan blogs. Whatever you want to know––season finale gossip, TV series updates, TV star drama––it’s all here. 

Reddit Television

More than 16 million redditors share all kinds of news about TV happenings––news, gossip, series discussions, and more. Keep an eye on this RSS feed, because it updates quickly. 

Netflix Best Of

More than a million and a half redditors bring you the best of Netflix. This is a good way of finding good Netflix series, hidden gems that you might miss. It’s also a way to decide what to watch instead of scrolling for hours.

Cord Cutters

Another useful Reddit forum, Cord Cutters is a place for 300,000 plus redditors to share information about watching TV outside of the confines of cable and satellite. This is a great place to find deals on streaming services, too.

TV Guide

TV Guide isn’t just a list of things you can find on TV, despite the name. This old publication has manged to stay new by offering all kinds of news and updates about TV. 

TV & Jelly

Meg Walter founded this website––by TV lovers for TV lovers. Whether it’s Netflix shows, reality TV, prime-time soaps, or blockbusters, this TV blog keeps you up-to-date. 

TV is My Pacifier

This blog posts TV schedules (for those of you who haven’t cut cords yet), and also interviews with TV stars, episode reviews, and even contests and giveaways. 

The TV Addict

The TV Addict keeps you up to date with all the comings and goings on streaming sites. It also shares photos, reviews, and news about TV shows.

TV Line

TV Line focuses on breaking news about television, previews for the upcoming, and reviews and recaps of your favorite shows. This is a good site for those uninterested in celebrity gossip.