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Celebrity News & Blogs for 2020

When it comes to celebrity news, it’s important to strike the perfect balance between cold, hard facts and what really matters––gossip, opinion, and commentary. We’ve tried to do that in this list of celebrity publications. 

Weeding out all the trashy, lying tabloids and clickbait sites, we’ve narrowed down the best sources for celebrity news to these top sites, ranging from gossip blogs to established publications. 


People has been publishing celebrity and entertainment news since 1974, winning dozens of awards in the meantime. Their online platform has news on celebs, the royal family, and much more.


E! has won almost countless awards and loads of recognition for its coverage of all entertainment, lifestyle, and fashion news. Everything you want to know about those subjects can be found on E!.


TMZ is pure celebrity gossip. They bring you the most breaking celebrity news faster than anyone out there. TMZ is endlessly entertaining for your entertainment needs. 

US Weekly

US Weekly began as a New York Times organ, but it was sold off shortly after it began. It’s focused entirely on gossip––celebrities, royal family, celeb moms, celeb pets, the whole nine yards.

Reddit Entertainment

1.3 million redditors share the latest celebrity news––all things celebrities, gossip, news, music, and so on. It changes hourly, so keep an eye. 

Hollywood Life

Hollywood Life began in 2009, and has a team of writers, reporters, and editors that aim to bring hard-hitting celeb news. They go above and beyond in corroborating their gossip.

Perez Hilton

Perez Hilton began his website in 2005 as a hobby while he tried to make it as a reporter. He immediately raised the ire of Hollywood insiders for his controversial writing, basically ensuring his success. His blog has become legendary in the celebrity gossip realm.

Media Take Out

Media Take Out focuses on black celebrities exclusively, highlighting stories that often get missed in more mainstream outlets. 

The Shade Room

The Shade Room took its name from the slang term for insult––“throwing shade.” It was founded to share “brutally honest” opinions about celebrity news, and to take the term “shade” back. After gaining some popularity, it has become a site for more than just opinion, it now also shares news. 


Popsugar is a celebrity, fashion, and entertainment site focused on women and women’s interest. Of course, given its parent company, it also shares products.