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Gaming News Sites for 2020

The gaming community is among the tightest communities on the internet, and as a result there is a proliferation of game-related content out there. It’s easy for the good content to get drowned out by the bad––the endless line of Twitch streamers trying to make money, the bad gossips, the lame opinion pieces. 

We’ve cut out all the noise for our list of gaming related sites. We have forums, fan sites, opinion sites, and news sites, all bringing you the best gaming content. 

Brutal Gamer

The Brutal Gamer is an aptly-named review site. They judge every game on a 100-point scale. If a game earns a 50, it means that game is average, doing just enough not to suck. Their reviews are unbiased, and there are many of them. 

Attack of the Fanboy

Attack of the Fanboy has been publishing video game reviews, updates, news, guides, and videos since 2010. Their writers also work on interviews with game insiders. 

PC Invasion

PC Invasion is about just that: the PC Invasion into the video gaming world. It began in 2015, just when the PC was beginning to be the cutting-edge gaming platform. 

Reddit Gaming

25 million gamers come together in this forum to share news, reviews, and tips for video games. There is also a ton of discussion, especially about video game related drama.  

Xbox News

Xbox News focuses sole on Xbox gaming news. This is a go-to site for the most reliable news about Xbox games.

Game Banshee

Game Banshee has been running since 2000, and it focuses entirely on role playing game news, reviews, interviews, and editorials. The website also has “subsites” devoted to dozens of RPGs.

Niche Gamer

Brandon Orselli founded Niche Gamer as a way to explore unknown games. Specialized games, weird games, whatever you want to call them you’ll find them on Niche Gamer. You may not play these games, but you will definitely be interested in reading their reviews because, wow, these are weird. 


Gematsu began as a blog devoted specifically to PlayStation games in 2007. After a mere ten months, they’d published about 4,000 posts. Since then, they’ve expanded to every gaming platform, for which they share news, pictures, and reviews. 

Game Watcher

Game Watcher is your go-to site for all things gaming. It offers breaking game news, game reviews, game mods, and how-to guides. It also previews upcoming games.


IGN shares news, reviews, and all sorts of other content for nearly two dozen gaming platforms. The writing staff also shares excellent opinion pieces about the latest