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Best Science Sites & Blogs for 2020

In the age of climate change and COVID-19, we need scientific literacy more than ever––we also need to ensure that we’re not falling prey to predatory pseudoscience peddlers. 

We’ve cultivated a list that mixes reliable scientific data, news from the world of science, and some unique finds from the scientific communities. 


The Smithsonian has to be on this list for obvious reasons. It’s the paragon of our national scientific endeavors and has been since 1846, and they share amazing content. 

Science Blogs

Science Blogs is a way for scientists to communicate directly with the public. They share news, commentary, and data directly with you so you don’t have to pay high journal fees. 

Reddit Science

At a whopping 23+ million redditors, this forum is among the best sources for science news online. Users share all sorts of science content and discussion, and it changes regularly so keep an eye. 

Retraction Watch

Retraction Watch is a unique source of scientific news. They share retractions from scientific studies, which shows you both how the scientific progress works and keeps the scientific community accountable. 

Mind Hacks

Mind Hacks focuses on psychological and neuroscience news. If you want to learn anything about the mind, this is the place to go. 

Science Daily

Science Daily is just that––daily. They bring the latest research news to you about a huge variety of scientific subjects on the regular. 

Last Word on Nothing

Last Word on Nothing is a place for science writers to exercise their creative muscles. These writers come from all over the world and write for a variety of popular scientific publications, so you’re getting legit authors here.

Science Mag

Founded in 1880 with funding provided by none other than Thomas Edison, Science Mag is among the top resources for science research and news on the internet. 

Discover Magazine

Discover Magazine is a more features and photography oriented approach to science news. Enjoy deep dives into the latest science and technological developments.