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Top News Sites for 2020

It’s no exaggeration to say that it’s easier to get access to world, national, and local news today than it has ever been in the entire history of humanity. On the flip side of that coin, thanks to a seemingly endless supply of clickbait, fake news, and openly biased websites, finding reliable news has never been harder.

We’ve cultivated a list of reputable news sites that span the political spectrum. Our philosophy is that almost all news outlets have some sort of political leaning, so instead of trying (and failing) to avoid bias it is better to aim for healthy diversity of outlook. We omitted, however, websites at that represent the extreme fringe of the news spectrum: Salon and Common Dreams, for example, disguise their far-left opinion pieces in the mantle of news. Brietbart and The National Review do the same on the right. We also left of cable news websites, since cable news is, to put it mildly, a dumpster fire.

Our Favorite News Sources for 2020

New York Times

The New York Times is among the oldest and most respected news services in the United States. While slightly left of center, it still offers the exceptional coverage and in-depth reporting. There is a soft paywall, but you are allotted several free articles per month.


National Public Radio offers not only breaking news but also thorough investigative reports. Sometimes it is hard to tell if NPR leans far left of center or just its audience does. In general, the reports are of interest to left-leaning folks, but its reporting is excellent and it does cover a variety of subjects of interest to anyone.


The Wall Street Journal provides slightly right-of-center news coverage, and it has won 40 Pultizer Prizes. It specializes, of course, in business news.


We include BBC News because it offers unparalleled world news coverage and lacks the bias that affects some US-based outlets. Keeping BBC in your news-reading routine will help you put US news in a global context.


Reuters was founded in London in 1851. Until 2008 it was independently owned, now it is owned by the Thomson Corporation. It excels in delivering breaking news and tracking the biggest news stories of the day.

LA Times

The Los Angeles Times was founded in 1881 and has since won dozens of Pulitzer Prizes. While it specializes in Los Angeles news, it still covers national and world news excellently. We include it to represent the west coast.


Reddit is one of the best places for breaking news updates, thanks to the fifteen million users who regularly update the page. It’s a great place to go if you have a critical eye, since much of what shows up is opinion, not fact. We include it on the list because its breaking news is second to none.

The Atlantic

The Atlantic offers deeper analysis of current events, specializing in contextualizing news. We love the Atlantic because it’s truly a bipartisan publication, hosting both left- and right-of-center articles.

The Guardian

The Guardian won a Webby for its online news coverage. Although it's run out of the United Kingdom, its coverage of the U.S. news is excellent. We include it because it will help you keep track of US-UK related issues.

Chicago Tribune

The Chicago Tribune was founded in 1847 and continues to serve not only the eponymous metropolis but also the nation at large. It leans right of center, so it offers a nice counterpoint to the New York Times. We include this site to give represent the Midwest.

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