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Redditors obsessed with fitness share tips, advice, and the latest research here. ( holds a special place in internet history; not only does it offer loads of information on training, nutrition, etc, but it also hosts one of the longest-lived and most vibrant discussion forums on the web.

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Best Fitness Sites 2020

There are two things to keep in mind about fitness websites. First: opinions about fitness are like…elbows––everybody has them. Second: 90% of fitness success is self-defense. Not self-defense like karate or anything, but instead defending yourself against all the bad information out there. 

Rather than taking all that time and energy to sift through the fitness junk out there, let us do the work for you. We’ve picked the best fitness-related websites, whether you like deadlifts and bench, yoga and zoomba, or more general advice. 

Reddit Fitness
Over seven-and-a-half million fitness buffs gather on this forum, and they share invaluable tips and tricks, largely centered on weightlifting but touching everything related to fitness. The best of this form comes from the questions people ask, which leads to thousands of answers. That’s useful because everyone’s body is different, and what works for some won’t work for others. You can find what you need here.

T-Nation is all about bodybuilding. They bring in-depth––sometimes very, very in-depth––articles about weightlifting, from technique tips to nutrition to program ideas. The content is written by experts, not armchair fitness enthusiasts.
Bodybuilding is another classic weightlifting site (and the birthplace of a surprising amount of internet culture). They offer all sorts of weightlifting-focused advice, dabbling in crossfit, and hitting the nutrition (macros, baby!) hard. 

Summer Tomato
Darya Rose, a neuroscience PhD, focuses on the nutrition side of fitness. She’s against dieting, so you won’t find diet fads here. Instead, she focuses on healthy eating habits. 

Breaking Muscle 
Breaking Muscle is very thoughtful approach to the world of fitness. They focus on long-term lifting and fitness success strategies. They also publish articles on the mental aspects of fitness: motivation, willpower, and the like. 

Menno Henselmans
Menno Henselmans shares science-backed articles about fitness. The depth in their articles in incredible, and they share research-based conclusions that they turn into useful takeaways for your own fitness life. 

John Fawkes 
John Fawkes focuses on evidence-based fitness and nutrition tips. Fawkes does a good job of absorbing intense, difficult fitness data and repacking it in an understandable way. 

Stack is a phenomenal fitness website. It offers loads of content on everything fitness related––workout routines, coaching, sports, and more. They update frequently.