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Ultimate Guide to the Top Cryptocurrency News Sites

For anyone first learning about Bitcoin, cryptocurrency and blockchain, it can be daunting. The industry can be filled with head-scratching technical jargon, debates over macroeconomic theories, and sometimes strange market-changing events involving anonymous Twitter users. For even the dedicated Bitcoin enthusiasts, it can be hard to keep up with the news surrounding this rapidly evolving space.

Unfortunately, many of the mainstream outlets, like Bloomberg or CNBC, are last to report on crypto news and often miss out on the technical details and bizarre social dynamics involved. Luckily, there are a handful of dedicated crypto news outlets that have emerged over the last few years that have their finger on the pulse of the industry. While there are hundreds of niche crypto sites, here are the top  and most credible outlets to follow for anyone interested in keeping up with crypto:


CoinDesk is one of the oldest and most well-established crypto news sites. It was started in 2013 and was one of the first major outlets to cover Bitcoin and cryptocurrency full-time. It often has exclusive interviews and breaking news, as well as helpful guides to Bitcoin and related technology for newbies. It also has a research arm that offers data analysis tools of each cryptocurrency and publishes a quarterly report titled “The State of Blockchain” that offers in-depth analysis of the industry. Additionally, CoinDesk hosts Consensus, one of the largest crypto conferences worldwide each May. CoinDesk is owned by Digital Currency Group, one of the largest crypto investment companies in the world.

The Block

Founded in early 2018, The Block is a relatively new publication specializing in crypto news, but it has already built a brand of high-quality reporting. It is well-funded and provides high-quality journalism, as well as aggregating stories from other outlets. The Block has a notable reputation for taking a more critical view of projects in the space – frequently calling out frauds and shady activity in the space. It has a solid research team and offers a premium service for institutional investors called Genesis that costs $120 a month.

Decrypt Media

Decrypt is another new crypto publication that has quickly earned itself a credible reputation. Started in 2018, it is funded by ConsenSys, the large Ethereum incubator headed by Joe Lubin. However, it covers all aspects of the crypto ecosystem, not just Ethereum and Ethereum-based projects. Besides producing original news stories, it has a section with quick explainers of many of the different cryptocurrency projects. It is an excellent resource for anyone looking to familiarize themselves with the history and technology of some of the more obscure coins.


Messari is a research-centric publication that also aggregates crypto news. It launched in 2018 and focuses on market data, research insights and due diligence. It offers large datasets of key metrics for hundreds of different coins. It has more detail and nuanced metrics than most publications, displaying data surrounding things like on-chain transactions, mining, staking, portfolio risk, and more. It has a project registry with descriptions of many of the top projects and even offers ratings, like a traditional Wall Street ratings agency. It acquired the crypto data company OnChainFX, as well.

Bitcoin Price

Bitcoin Price offers real-time tracking of Bitcoin data, along with other top cryptocurrencies. It provides unique data metrics surrounding the history of Bitcoin’s price movement, making it a great resource for new crypto enthusiasts looking to learn about some of the biggest moments from Bitcoin’s past. It also has a daily cryptocurrency newsletter with all the top industry stories of the day. Bitcoin Price has original articles and explainers, as well.


Bitcoin Magazine

Bitcoin Magazine is one of the first publications to cover the industry, starting all the way back in 2012 back when the price of Bitcoin was when under $10. It was founded by Vitalik Buterin who would later become the main inventor and founder of Ethereum, which is the second largest cryptoasset by market cap value. Unsurprisingly, the main focus of content is Bitcoin, not the hundreds of other cryptocurrency and blockchain implementations.

Coin Telegraph

Coin Telegraph is a major crypto news source, starting earlier than most in 2013. It mainly provides breaking news, current events, and short articles on developments in the space. They have a global team, so their content is not as US-focused as some of the other publications. Besides providing news, they have a crypto job board, ICO calendar, and trading analysis. Coin Telegraph is also known for its eye-catching, custom cartoon art for each article.


NewsBTC provides a variety of crypto content. It offers original articles, press releases, ICO calendar and project updates. Additionally, it offers a tab for crypto explainers, crypto games, trading advice, and upcoming events. It also provides a directory of all significant bitcoin businesses, almost like a mini digital Yellow Pages. NewsBTC is based in London.


CCN stands for Crypto Coin News. It is a Norwegian-based publication that covers both crypto news and general global business news. It has articles on Bitcoin and other major cryptoassets. It has articles on enterprise blockchain projects from large global corporations. And, it also has articles on non-crypto related business news. For instance, it has tickers for both cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin, Ethereum, and Ripple, but also tickers for stocks like Apple, Tesla, and Facebook. Some readers may benefit from CCN due to its slightly broader scope than other crypto publications.

Brave New Coin

Brave New Coin is a data and research company that specializes in cryptocurrencies and blockchain. It offers original articles that are more along the lines of thought-pieces and general opinion pieces, with less of a focus on breaking news. Additionally, it is very data-driven, boasting a large interactive database of hundreds of the top coins. It provides lots of charts and other visuals to track unique crypto-indices, sub-sector trends, exchange data, and other on-chain data for specific assets. It is also in the process of developing a Bloomberg Terminal-like product that will be geared towards serious traders and investors.

Best Crypto Twitter

In crypto, everything happens on Twitter. Often times breaking news and market-changing events will take the form of tweets. Having a well-curated feed on the top crypto influencers can often even be a better way to stay up-to-date on the daily happenings of the space.

Best Cryptocurrency Follows

There are hundreds of other good follows in the space, but those a few to get you started. Crypto is a tumultuous industry experiencing incredible growth, so it’s hard to follow every development. Whether you are new to Bitcoin and crypto or a veteran trader, the above resources will be critical to keeping up with all the news.

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