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Best Astrology Sites for 2020

Astrology, astrologers, and astrological readings get a lot of flak online. In fact, you’ll notice the word “pseudoscience” appears in the very first sentence of the astrology Wikipedia page. We take a slightly different approach here. Our stance is this: why bother arguing about whether astrology is scientific when we can see if it’s actually useful.

As such, we’ve cultivated a list of the most useful astrological sources around the web. These sites are popular because they’re helpful to people, and these readers have helped people all around the world make the most of their lives.

Elsa Elsa

Elsa Panizzon maintains Elsa Elsa. She’s been reading astrology and blogging for nearly two decades. Her contributors have similar levels of experience. One of the best parts about this blog, aside from the quality of readings, is the frequency of the readings.

Sasstrology offers much more than just daily readings. They put those readings into wider thematic contexts, especially in terms of love and relationships in general. In other words, they use astrology to help make sense of the more complicated aspects of life.

Reddit Astrology
This astrology forum brings together some 130,000 astrology enthusiasts. You’ll find readings here, of course, but also lots of questions about astrology form readers and other astrology-related content.

Café Astrology
Annie Heese has been doing astrology for 25 years. Once an accountant, she’s long since turned to astrology full time. Her blog is designed for those with all levels of interest in astrology, so there’s something for everyone here.