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Photography News & Blogs Sites for 2020

        Thanks to cell phones and cheaper DSLRs, YouTube and blogs, the barriers to entry to photography have all but disappeared. Anyone with a cell phone and the time to practice can be a god photographer. But, finding the best places to pick up photography tips, regardless of skill level, can be hard.

We’ve scoured the web for the best photograph websites, blogs, and YouTube channels. These websites can elevate your photography, even if you’re pretty good. You’ll also see the latest gear reviews.

Ask Photography

Ask Photography unites some 60,000 photography enthusiasts to crowdsource photography questions. Pretty much any question you can imagine crops up here, so keep an eye out––you’ll learn something new every day.

PetaPixel is run by a team of expert photographers. They share news from the photography world, tutorials, camera gear reviews, and of course great photos.

Night Stalking
A huge number of photographers contribute to Night Stalking. They share all kinds of thoughtful photo content. Naturally, they have the usual: gear reviews, tips for taking better pics, and great photos. But they also have more photography-related content than the average site, including museum recommendations, background on famous photographers, and more.

The Phoblographer
The Phoblogapher began in 2008, when its founder turned to photography during the Recession. Besides the crack editorial board, there are lots of contributors, all of whom are photography professionals. They share tips, reviews, resources for learning more, and budget camera hacks.

Reddit Photography
Nearly 2.5 million photographers populate this forum. They range from experienced professional photographers to absolute beginner shutterbugs, so you’ll find a huge variety of advice for personal and professional photography.

Outdoor Photography Blog
The Outdoor Photography blog is a subsection of the Outdoor Photography magazine, so it’s basically all the free content you can glean from an otherwise expensive source. The real gem of this blog is the photo of the day, which is always incredible.

Photofocus has been running for 21 years, making it one of the vanguard of the popular digital photography revolution. It shares all sorts of suggestions, camera gear reviews and releases, software news, and more.

Fstopper is one of the best photography sites on the web for those learning to improve their photo skills. There are vidoes, how-to guides, gear reviews, and opinion pieces that will keep you clicking away––both on your mouse and on your camera.

The Sartorialist
The Sartorialist is a pure feast for the eyes. There are very few words here, just beautiful pictures of fashionable people from around the world. Scott Schuman, the photographer, has worked for a variety of fashion magazines, and his eye is impeccable.

Reddit Earth Porn
Twenty-million redditors share all kinds of photos related to planet earth. This forum, as a result, gets a constant stream of the best landscape photography you’ll ever see, and it changes by the minute.