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Few industries change faster than technology, making it challenging to keep up with the developments. Likewise, few industries dominate the stock market like tech, making it crucial to keep up with the news. The challenge is this: there’s a seemingly endless number of tech websites, blogs, and news sites. It’s hard to know what sources to trust.

We’ve done our best to give you a healthy mix of breaking-news sites and some more feature-based pieces. Many big-name news organizations, like the NYT, have tech sections. But there are also exclusive publications like Wired and Motherboard. We’ve compiled the best of both.

Wired has been covering the intersection of technology, culture, and politics for nearly a quarter of a century. They are a leader in the tech-news industry, and besides news they also feature a variety of blogs and gear reviews.

Ars Technica
At 20 years old, Ars Technica is one of longest-running tech websites on the planet. Ars Technica covers all aspects of tech, including science, cars, business, and gaming. In addition to breaking tech news, Ars Technica offers reviews on TV, streaming TV, and tech gadgets.


CNet is one of the premier sources for tech news on the planet. Besides news and reviews, there's loads of how-tos and sneak peaks. CNet is great for tech reviews, especially phones, internet of things devices, and cars.

The Verge

The Verge's products database compiles user comparisons of products, this aside from the usual news. The Verge is owned by Vox Media, so you can expect a bit of left-leaning story filtration.

Tech Crunch
TechCrunch focuses on the business side of tech, news, and trends. It specializes in tech startups and startup funding news. It also has a helpful Apps section, focusing specifically on phone apps.

Engadget specializes in covering gadgets and consumer electronics. There are a total of ten blogs on the site, and an extremely useful buyers guide. If you want to go deeper, there are also a variety of podcasts.

Slashdot is a self-proclaimed news-for-and-by-nerds website. Like Reddit, content is voted on by viewers, so the more popular content floats to the top. Unlike Reddit, Slashdot has actual editors, ensuring high quality content.

NYT Technology
The New York Times Technology section is a critical part of any tech news junkie’s diet. The stories cover the latest in tech with the NYT’s usual expertise, depth, and thoughtfulness. It’s a great source to refer to because it puts tech news into wider contexts.

CNBC Tech may seem like a surprising choice, but it’s a shockingly useful source. It highlights the top news stories of the day, giving you the need-to-know information about tech. You can dig into social media news, cybersecurity, and venture capital if you want more depth.

Buzzfeed Tech
Buzzfeed may also be a surprising choice for this curated list, but Buzzfeed Tech digs deeper into bigger tech stories. It also finds weirder tech stories that you might not find anywhere else.