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Personal Finance News Sites & Blogs for 2020

It’s one thing to watch the business world or pontificate about what the markets are doing, it’s quite another to keep your financial house in order. It’s especially hard to keep your finances together if you expose yourself to bad advice, which, unfortunately, abounds on the web.

We’ve curated a list of reliable personal finance sites. No get-rich-quick bloggers, no prosperity gospel garbage, just real, reliable, and practical advice for ensuring your fiscal health.

Reddit Personal Finance

There’s a reason this personal finance forum has 14 million subscribers: it’s amazing. It’s literally a one-stop shop for all you need to know about your finances. Besides the incredible wiki page they made, there are so many specific questions with high-quality answers. You never know what’s going to pop up, but it might just be useful.

The Finance Buff

The Finance Buff was founded by an immigrant to the United States who moved here with a few hundred bucks to his name and no network. There are no get-rich quick schemes here, because the founder didn’t retire at 40 by luck. He and his wife simply worked hard, saved, and invested.

Get Rich Slowly

Get Rich Slowly is, obviously, not about making a quick buck. It’s about getting yourself out of debt and creating a better fiscal future for yourself. The blog also shares helpful tips for saving money on a daily basis.

Mr. Money Mustache

Mr. Money Mustache retired in his thirties by being unbelievably frugal. According to his estimate, he and his family lived on about 50% the budget of his peers. This is a pretty clear strategy shared by many of the posts, but what separates this website is the very thoughtful blogposts that tie personal finances into all aspects of life.

JL Collins

JL Collins is another philosophical fiscal advisor. His posts are thoughtful and timely, offering useful advice for the current market situation, whatever it may be. We also suggest digging through the archives and reading some past posts.

The White Coat Investor

The White Coat Investor is a niche financial advice blog, designed for high-income professionals. We include this on our list for a few reasons. First, many high-income professionals get taken advantage of or simply don’t know how to manage their wealth. Second, first-generation professionals often have no idea what to do with their money––that’s why lotto winners and professional athletes often go broke immediately.

Wise Bread

Wise Bread brings together a host of bloggers to discuss all things personal finance, but they all tend to towards lifehacks for saving money.

20 Something Finance

G.E. Miller turned his life around, going from having significant debt and no savings to the opposite. In this blog, he shares the strategies he used to achieve that turn around. He also shares tips based on recent economic and political developments.