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Best Auto Blogs for 2020

Few things allow you to geek out like cars. Whether you want to keep up with the latest model years, renovate an old car, dig into classic car specs, nerd out over mods and equipment, you’ve come to the right place. 

The websites and forums on this list will certainly satisfy your vehicular curiosities. We include only the most reliable, entertaining, and high-quality sources about cars on our list. 

Jalopnik earns the top spot on our list. It’s an industry leader news and opinion website about all things automotive––trains, planes, and automobiles, including racing. Jalopnik has a great editorial team, so the content is always top notch. 

Auto Spies
Donald Buffamanti founded Auto Spies, which uses a network of thousands of auto industry experts and insiders. The site gives you all sorts of money-saving advice and breaking news––that’s why millions of readers visit this site.

Electrek offers news and commentary about the transition from fossil fuel-based transportation to electric transportation. It puts this news and commentary into the wider context of the overall transition to green energies. 

Motortrend is another industry leader in the automotive world. This site shares the latest car-related news, new (and classic) car reviews, opinions and other features pieces, and also buyer’s guides. 

Reddit Cars
Nearly two-million redditors gathers on the cars forum to do several things: share the latest auto industry news, ask and answer questions about car use and repair, and share memes and videos. 

The Torque Report
The Torque Report began in 2007 as a news and reviews site. The site is updated daily with loads of interesting car-related content, with a full section dedicated to green vehicles. 

The Truth about Cars
The Truth about Cars has a reliable team of news editors, analysts, and ore, all led by managing editor and to-car guy Tim Healey. 

Inside EVs
Inside EVs is among the leading websites about electric vehicles. It not only brings you the latest news about electric vehicles, but it digs into more contextual detail about EVs. There is also a comprehensive review section diving into the latest EV releases. 

The CarGurus Blog
The CarGurus Blog is a straightforward car blog. They share news, sales (new and used) info, cars and tech news, industry insights, and test drive reviews. 

Sunday Times Driving
Like most of the sites on this list, Sunday Times Driving features news and reviews about cars, especially supercars and high-tech cars. What separates it from other websites is this: Jeremy Clarkson. ‘Nough said.