Best Travel Sites

Culinary Backstreets (

As the name suggests, Culinary Backstreets eat their way around the world, but only on the backstreets. Learn about street foods around the world here.

Carnets de Traverse (

This French couple travels around the world, hitting of-the-beaten-path places rather than popular destinations. Even if you don't feel like reading translated French, you can enjoy the beautiful photography.

Travel Sites & Blogs 2020

If dating sites are any indication, traveling is the most popular thing in the world aside from (or possibly tied with) dogs. Everyone “loves to travel.” The problem is, very few people actually do travel, really, and those who do are generally ubertourists. 

Our list of travel websites focuses on real-life travelers and travel experts. They offer you budgeting tips, transportation hacks, and destination ideas. Everything you need, in short, to have your tip of a lifetime or just a quick getaway. 

Reddit Travel

Almost four million redditors share travel tips, ask travel questions, and post their photos. This is a great source of both advice and inspiration for your next trip. There are other subreddits for more specialized travel questions, but this is the biggie.

Travels of Adam

In 2010, Adam, a self-identified hipster, quit his job to travel after an inspiring trip to Iceland. His blog offers loads of advice and destination ideas for every kind of traveler, from the serious to the weekend warrior.

Fresh Off the Grid

Megan McDuffie and Michael van Vliet began this blog in 2015 as a way to merge their love of cooking and the outdoors. As such, the blog offers tons of tips about backpacking, camping, and most especially cooking while you’re enjoying the great outdoors.

Roam Magazine

Roam Magazine was founded by two English sisters, Annapurna and Athena Mellor, lifelong travelers. Their magazine is founded on three things: openness, beautiful photography, and creativity. 

Melting Butter

Melting Butter posts a few kinds of travel-related content. They post the usual tips, tricks, and destinations for traveling. But they also focus in on unique finds in different destinations, everything from hotels to restaurants to tourist destinations. 

Roads and Kingdoms

Roads and Kingdoms believes that the well-informed traveler is the good traveler. As a result, their travel articles focus on travel information, so that you can make the right choices. Since traveling is all about choice, this site earns a top spot on our list.  

Culinary Backstreets

Culinary Backstreets focuses on, let’s all just be honest here, the best part of traveling: food, food, and more food. More specifically, they focus on the kinds of food outside the tourist norm. Use this blog to plan your favorite culinary vacation. 

Landcruising Adventure

Landcuising Adventure specializes in overland travel. We’re talking hiking, driving, and backpacking. They post awesome content about their trips, and they post especially great photos. 

Rick Steves

Rick Steves is the man for European travel. His blog steers you away from the well-trod tourist path and shows you “Europe through the back door.” There are a load of writers sharing excellent content, so it’s always fresh. 

Nomadic Matt

Nomadic Matt offers very thoughtful content on all things travel. He also shares tips on budgeting, places to stay in specific destinations, and other kinds of travel advice. This is a great resource for budget travelers.