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Social media is the most significant media shift in the last several decades. The social media revolution has forever altered so many aspects of culture: media, politics, business, personal relationships, and so much more. It’s basically too much to keep on top of social media news. 

Our curated list of social media sites brings together experts in the field, popular forums, and industry insider sources. Whatever your platform of choice––Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, or anything else––you’ll find helpful material here.

Reddit Social Media

Around 125 million redditors gather to open-source their social media questions, tips, tricks, and how-tos. It’s the most popular forum on social media on Reddit.

Adweek Social Pro Daily

Adweek has been publishing since 1979, making it among the oldest professional advertising publications out there. We’ve included their social media section, which shares the latest news about social media.

Hootsuite Blog

Hootsuite began in 2008 as a Twitter platform and quickly became incredibly huge. They’re industry leaders in all things social media, and the blog shares news and tips for maximizing social media use.

Social Media Explorer

Social Media Explorer prides itself on its high-quality writing team, which they say cuts through all the noise floating through the ether about social media. The site offers loads of tactics for improving your social media as well as opinions about social media developments.

Social Media Week

Social Media Week is named after a conference dedicated to social media. Their news platform shares social media developments, business and advertising tactics, and opinions.

Mike Gingerich

Mike Gingerich is an industry insider, well known for his work with non-profits and small businesses to improve not only their social media strategies but their overall success. His blog offers loads of insight into social media improvement.

Buffer Social 

Buffer Social brings together a team of 82 people from around the world, all working together to improve social media and marketing for companies. Their blog shares some of the insights they’ve learned. 

Social Media Hat

Social Media Hat works with small and medium businesses on all thing social media. Their blog offers loads of social media advice geared towards the professional, emphasizing things like LinkedIn posts.

Peg Fitzpatrick

Peg Fitzpatrick is a “social media guru,” having amassed over a million followers from scratch––without relying on celebrity status or influencer-style selfies. She shares her in-the-trenches tricks on her blog.

Social Media Examiner

Michael Stelzner founded Social Media Examiner in the midst of the 2008 recession. At that time, lots of people were complaining about everything wrong with social media, but few people were talking about how to effectively use it. Stelzner was among the first to change that.