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The best way to hack your life is to crowdsource the hacks. Reddit brings together nearly a million redditors to make lifehacking better.

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Best Lifehack Blogs & Sites

Remembering when the internet was all about lifehacks? That moment has long since passed, which is kind of a bummer because there’s nothing better than the occasional pro tip.

So, we’ve scoured the internet for the most active, useful lifehack websites. These sources range from forums to blogs to established websites. Whatever the source, these sites are reliable and useful.


Lifehacker tops our list because it has an actual team of editors and writers working on (or vetting) these lifehacks. They offer ways to improve your life in a variety of spheres, from cooking to technology.

Life Pro Tips
I love this forum. With some 17+ million users, you get all sorts of lifehacks. The bad ones tend to float to the bottom, while the good ones rise to the top. These lifehacks keep pace with the times, and they just keep coming.

Reddit Lifehacks
While “Life Pro Tips” is a text-based lifehack forum, Lifehacks is mostly about pictures and videos. It’s a smaller forum, but still huge at 3 million. Lots of great tips for everything here.

Dumb Little Man
The online magazine Dumb Little Man has been sharing inspiration, lifehacks, and motivational content since 2006. There’s something for everyone here, from the entrepreneur to the family, the love-seeker to the traveler.

Marc and Angel Hack Life
Marc and Angel Chernoff, New York Times bestselling authors, are professional coaches who aim to make your life better. Their blog shares mostly inspirational contents that aim to help you ditch negativity from your life be happier and more productive.

Life Optimizer
Life Optimizer was founded by Donald Latumahina, an Indonesian IT professional. In his blog he reflects on ways to make life a little bit better, both your personal life and your work life.

Positivity Blog
Henrik Edberg is a blogger and entrepreneur from Sweden. He began this blog in 2006 as he tried to learn more about personal development. His work has been featured in a variety of lifehack blogs, but this is the source.