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Linux News Sites for 2020

Linux is the most popular open-source operating system in the world. It runs computers, phones, and more. In fact, is run on Linux!

Our curated list keeps you abreast with everything you need to know to keep up with Linux. Since it’s so dynamic, you’ll also want to pay close attention to our curated list of followers.

For the most reliable news on Linux, go to the horse's mouth. Besides information, you’ll get tutorials, information, careers, best practices, and industry trends.

Reddit Linux

Nearly half a million redditors come together to share news and tips about all things Linux. They also take every chance they get to advocate for everyone’s favorite open-source software.

Slashdot Linux

Slashdot is a self-proclaimed news-for-and-by-nerds website. Like Reddit, content is voted on by viewers, so the more popular content floats to the top. Unlike Reddit, Slashdot has actual editors, ensuring high-quality content.

Linux Journal

Linux Journal offers reviews, how-tos, and news about Linux. It has been running for a whopping 24 years. Linux Journal aims not simply to keep up with the news, but gives readers insights that will help them long into the future.

Linux Magazine

Linux Magazine specializes in delivering technical insights into all things Linux. They also bring you reviews on new products, tips for programming, and advice for sysadmins.

Riba Linux

The Riba Linux provides video tutorials on new Linux releases, as well as other open source softwares. They also offer overviews.

Linux Academy Blog

Linux Academy Blog has been offering in-depth how-to articles for Linux software since 2012. They focus exclusively on training people to use Linux.


nixCraft is another online community dedicated to Linux users sharing tips and advice. This site aims to post the most cutting edge topics aimed for Linux sysadmins.


Founded by tech professionals, Tecmint begin in 2012. They share Linux tips, tutorials, and resources. The writing staff is huge and full of IT professionals, ensuring a steady stream of good content.


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