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Best F1 News Sites & Blogs for 2020

When it comes to the world of competitive car races, F1 is the sport of kings. In any given F1 race, the best drivers in the world drive some of the fastest cars in the world. They deal in micromovements and fractions of sections. Keeping up with Formula 1 can sometimes feel as challenging as the race itself.

We’ve made a list of the best websites, blogs, and clearinghouses of Formula 1 information. Keep up to date with both individual drives, individual races, and the sport on the whole with the sites on this list.


Auto Sport
Auto Sport is part of a wider network of sites dedicated to all motorsports. Here, you’ll find the latest news about F1. The site tends towards sports-wide news as opposed to specific drivers or stats.

ESPN is an industry leader for all sports related news, and their Formula 1 site is no exception. They focus on broader news about the sport, but they also offer some more in depth analyses.

Joe Saward
Joe Saward has been a professional motorsports journalist since 1983, and he has attended every Grand Prix since 1988. In other words, Joe’s blog isn’t just any blog, it’s an extremely reliable source for F1 news and opinion.

BBC Sports Formula 1
BBC needs no introduction––as the state media outlet for the United Kingdom, it’s one of the world’s most reliable news sources, and their Formula 1 coverage is second to none.

Pitpass is a Formula One passion project started by Chris Balfe. What sets it apart from other Formula One media outlets is its independence. It’s completely independent of any outside influence, so the F1 news you get is totally unbiased.

Formula 1 Google News
We include Google News on this list because, quite simply, it's the most F1 news you could want. It’s not as curated as our list, of course, but it is good for catching the stories that slip through the cracks, and it can be easily cross-referenced with the other sources we provide.

The F1 News
While many of the other sites on our list cover high-level Formula One news, The F1 News is all about the specific news. If you’re interested in specific races, cars, or drivers, this is your site.

F1 Fansite
The F1 Fansite has been operational since 2001. Their goal is simple: have the most and best F1 news on the internet. They also want to make it easy to buy F1 tickets and merch.

This Is F1
This is F1 shares the latest F1 news, plane and simple. The bring you confirmed news about all aspects of Formula One, so it’s a great place to keep u p with the basic moves in the sport.

The Checkered Flag
The Checkered Flag began in 2009. They share great news and photographs, but they specialize in upcoming talent in the world of motorsports. So if you’re looking to keep ahead of the F1 game, this is the place.