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Video News Sites for 2020

YouTube is so full of noise it’s almost impossible to find good content if you go in blind. If you rely on the YouTube algorithm, you can get stuck in a tightening noose of content. So we’ve gone through and extracted a bunch of the best YouTube channels for your viewing pleasure. 

This list contains a variety of kinds of videos. Some are funny and goofy, and others are informative or provocative. Regardless, when you want to sit down with a bowl of cereal and watch a short video, you can find the perfect video here.

Mealtime Videos

Nearly 700,000 redditors share the perfect videos to watch while you’re having a snack. These videos tend to be informative or educational. They’re nice deep dives into a specific topic.

Bad Lip Reading

Bad Lip Reading is a classic site for a laugh. They offer intentionally bad lip readings of movies and TV shows. Whatever genre the video started as, it ends in surreal humor.

Unknown Videos

About 60,000 redditors share a carefully curated list of videos. These videos are special because they’re off-the-beaten-path videos. Many other video clearinghouses tend to get repetitive. 


Nerdwriter1 is an analytical genius. His videos offer deep-dives into a variety of subjects: politics, literature, art, music, film, and more. 

NYT Videos

New York Times’s video channel compiles all the best New York Times video content––which is definitely exceptional. Enjoy news, recipes, and more. 

TED Talks

TED Talks are pretty darn well known by now, so likely know what you’re in for with this channel. All of the best TED content––educational videos that offer unique insights into a variety of topics––can be found in this feed.

Captain Disillusion

Captain Disillusion is a perfect addition to your video feed because he carefully deconstructs all those fake videos that appear on your Facebook feed. He also gives pretty in-depth filmmaking lessons.


Kurzgesagt is an award winning educational video channel. They answer all sorts of interesting questions, generally related to science. 

Vlog Brothers

The Vlog Brothers are content machines. They do loads of videos related to science, philosophy, and general life stuff. The videos are relatively short––three to four minutes, generally, so they’re easily consumable. 


Wisecrack is a great channel to fulfill either your interest in popular culture, philosophy, or both. The content is generally related to recent pop culture stuff, but they also dig into the past.


Cinefix videos are all about movies. They focus on videos that compare novels to their film adaptations, but there is all kinds of other video content on the channel, too. 

Wendover Productions

Wendover Productions is, at first blush, a strange channel to include on this curated list because it’s about logistics. Yawn, right? But actually, these videos are fascinating. He deconstructs the aspects of our daily lives we overlook. 

Reddit Videos

Over 22 million redditors share thousands and thousands of videos, with the best of them floating to the top of our curated list. This is a good source for fresh content.


Vox is known for left-leaning videos that dig deep into political issues and current events. The videos are always interesting, always informative, and always worth a watch.


Polyphonic is for the music lovers among you. He analyzes songs, artists, and popular music in general. The videos range from 10-30 minutes, so they’re perfect for a nice, long watch.