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SEO News Sites & Blogs for 2020

Search Engine Optimization is, for some, a hobby or an interest. For others, it’s a necessary evil for making their online business work. For still others, it’s a living. Whatever your level of interest in SEO, we’ve got the best selection of websites. 

We’ve created a list of blogs, websites, and forums to help you improve your SEO game. Keep an eye on these sites to stay on top of the latest developments in the field. 

Search Engine Journal 

Search Engine Journal was founded in 2003 and features a whole host of online marketing professionals. There are enough authors contributing to this journal 

Ahrefs Blog

Ahrefs is based out of Singapore and is famous for their backlinks index. The blog keeps you up to date with all the latest news about search engine optimization. 


Backlinko is dedicated to actionable advice to help your search rankings. If you’ve tried focusing on great content but it’s just not working, then try some of the tricks that appear in Brian Dean’s blog.

Online Metrics

Paul Koks has been working in SEO and online marketing for ten years in the international arena. Online Metrics is his business site, but the blog shares loads of advice based on his decade of experience. 


Rand Fishkin and Gillian Muessig founded Moz in 2004. In their sixteen-year journey, the founders and employees have explored all aspects of online marketing. Despite the breadth of their experience, they stay focused on SEO. 

SEO By the Sea

Bill Slawski founded SEO By the Sea, so named because it’s out of San Diego, and he’s been working in the industry since 1996. The SEO By the Sea blog is where Bill shares some of his professional experience and advice, free of charge. 

Search Engine Watch

Search Engine Watch was born out of the earliest web searching software. It began as, and continues to be, a technical-oriented site, focused on the specifics of search engine optimization. 

Reddit SEO

Over 125,000 people use this forum to learn more about SEO, to share memes and jokes, to share news content, and to ask for help with their own digital marketing goals. Whatever you want to find about SEO, you’ll find it here.

Searchmetrics Blog

The idea for Searchmetrics was seeded in 2001 as a MA thesis, and the company itself began in 2005. The company has over 250 employees, and the blog shares free information based on their experiences. 

Local SEO Guide

Andrew Shotland has been in the online marketing game for a long time––in fact, in 1994 he helped launch Showtime’s first website. The Local SEO Guide blog is a way for this company to share its insights into online marketing.