Popular Interior Design Sites

My Domaine (www.mydomaine.com)

My Domaine offers product lists for interior design improvement, videos, and tips.

Top Interior Design Blogs & Sites for 2020

Reddit Interior Design 

More than 200,000 interior design fanatics––both professionals and amateurs––gather to ask questions, give advice, and share resources on interior design. You’ll find some very serious design pros here, making it a helpful resource.

Cozy Places

Cozy Places is all about comfort. While it doesn’t offer tips on making cozy designs, there is plenty of eye candy to get your creative juices flowing. After enough time on this forum, you’ll realize that any place can be a cozy place.

Amateur Room Porn

This forum specializes in non-professional designers, offering a place for amateurs to gather and share their design triumphs. Seeing these places will inspire you to new heights of design––after all, these contributors aren’t professionals, either!

Lark and Linen

Jacquelyn Clark is an interior designer in Toronto, and she’s passionate about design, especially kitchen design. In this blog, she shares design updates from around the web, as well as her own content.

Wit + Design

Wit + Design is a self-proclaimed non-mommy blog mommy blog, a non-fashion fashion blog, and a non-interior design interior design blog. It makes more sense than you think at first blush. Basically, it’s a blog run by amateurs very interested in interior design.

Coco Lapine Design

Coco Lapine is run by a Belgian designer living in Germany, so naturally it’s a very European take on design. Her style is crisp and clean, bright and monochrome. It is, in short, her own style and well worth enjoying.


Athena Calderone founded Eyeswoon to share her philosophy on design and food: ordinary life can be made extraordinary if you allow your creativity to flow. She partners with other bloggers and authors with similar interests to bring loads of design ideas and products. 

Emily Henderson

Emily Henderson began as a blog dedicated to interior design. But, very recently, Emily shifted to a website, born of her own desire to have a clearinghouse for design ideas. There are a team of writings working on this thing, and it offers loads of design tips and inspiration.