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Top Political Sites for 2020

Looking for political news can sometimes feel like you’re running head first into a hornet nest. We’re trying to take the partisan sting out of reading political news with this curated list. As with alltop.com/news, we know better than to avoid all political bias. Instead, we’re trying to get a healthy diversity of political opinions. That means we have omitted extremely partisan sites from our list.

In general, the best sources for political news are the politics desks at the big news outlets, so you’ll see that those dominate our curated feed. There are a few specialty sites that we included, but be aware that any site specializing in politics generally has an axe to grind, however small.

New York Times Politics
Among the most respected publications in the world, The New York Times began in 1851 and continues to lead the pack in journalistic excellence. Their political section leans left of center, but is nevertheless an extremely reliable, factual paper.

Washington Post Politics
The Washington Post has recently surged to front of the journalistic pack thanks to its extensive coverage of the White House. Its op-ed section has becoming increasingly liberal and anti-Republican, but its history of excellent journalistic rigor keep it on the list. It is owned by Jeff Bezos.

WSJ Washington Wire
In addition to its excellent reporting, The Wall Street Journal offers a more conservative approach to political news, balancing the more liberal outlets on this list.

Politico exerts significant influence on political news; its high rate of publication ensures a constant source of news and has forced other publications to keep up. That can be a downside, too, though, so watch out for corrections that inevitably follow rushed headlines.

The Atlantic
The Atlantic focuses more on longer features pieces, delving deeper into political stories than other publications. They also cover stories from both liberal and conservative perspectives. All told, this makes for an excellent source.

FiveThirtyEight began as a polling aggregation website in 2008, but it has since been acquired by ESPN. Now, the site focuses on statistical analyses of political data. This is your go-to site for hard data about political happenings. It’s especially useful in an election year.

FactCheck.org fact checks and rebuts false claims made by politicians and partisan groups; it is an important resource for keeping politicians honest. It won a Webby for best political blog. It earns a spot on our list because it is a quick and easy way to keep an eye on politicians’ (and news outlets’) trustworthiness.

The Nation

The Nation was founded as a successor to The Liberator, William Lloyd Garrison's abolitionist paper, and it continues to carry the progressive torch. It publishes a tremendous amount of content on a daily basis. It is openly left-leaning, so it is a great source if you’re left-leaning yourself or you just want a variety of news.

Reddit Politics

Redditors share politics news and offer their own (widely varying) opinions on this subreddit. Reddit itself is extremely left-leaning, so the stories they share often tend to have inflammatory titles and come from websites that didn’t make our curated list. Nevertheless, it is a valuable source of news because it shows what kinds of stories are popular and it brings you breaking political news faster than any other source.