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Apple is a tremendously wealthy and influential company, not just in technology but across the American economy. Indeed, if you want to grasp the American economy you need to understand Apple.

That’s where we come in. We’ve compiled the best sources on Apple, making it easy to keep up with the company. We’ve eliminated all of the spam or clickbait sources on Apple––of which there are many––and offered a balance of blogs, Mac-devoted websites, and crowd-sourced news.

Mac Rumors
Mac Rumors brings all the latest news (and rumors, of course) about Apple. It's the most popular Apple blog on the web. Whatever you need, they offer it. How-to guides, product reviews, (shockingly) detailed explanations of product specifications and histories––basically anything Mac. There’s also a helpful Buyer’s Guide for those who are looking to purchase.

Reddit Apple
Over 1.2 million Mac lovers unite on the Reddit Apple page to share news, hacks, tips, and tricks. It’s a one-stop-shop for Apple news from around the web, not just on the sites we’ve curated.

Reddit Mac
Reddit Mac is dedicated specifically to Macs––that is, the computers, not Apple phones or tablets). Learn news and get help here. 1.5 million users share headlines from around the web, as well as ask and answer questions about Macs.

9 to 5 Mac
9 to 5 Mac is a daily news site for all things Apple, hitting up all sorts of leads to learn more about Apple and people in the industry. All Apple products are represented on this site, from the iWatch to the iPad to Apple TV.

Apple Insider
This site focuses on deals, reviews, and best of all, price guides. Unlike other Apple news sites, Apple Insider tracks tech news that could impact Apple. Keep an eye on the discounts.

Power Page
Founded by Jason D. O’Grady, PowerPage has been publishing tech news every day since late 1995, making it the second blog dedicated to Mac. Power Page publishes daily rumors about upcoming Apple releases, updates, and more by a variety of staff writers.

Cult of Mac

Are you so in love with Macs that you sometimes feel like you're part of a cult of Mac? Then this how-to, review, and news site is for you. Aside from the usual reviews, news, and how-tos, this site has something special: a section dedicated entirely to apps business.

OSX Daily

OSX Daily brings daily tips and tricks for using your Mac, your phone, watch, or iPad. It’s excellent for keeping up-to-date with changing tech circumstances.


If you're on the market for a new Mac or Apple product, then this site is for you. It tracks prices on all sorts of Apple products. You’ll get the week’s best deals, as well as news about different Apple sales.

Daring Fireball

John Gruber is a writer who invented Markdown publishing format and closely follows Apple and offers his analysis on Apple news and products. This is your source for expert opinions on all the Apple news you just binged on.