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Top Android Blogs & Sites for 2020

Globally, Android is the most widely used mobile operating system with a whopping 74% (as of this writing) of the mobile marketplace. So, if you want to keep up with the mobile universe, you need to have your finger on the Android pulse.

Because Android is so widely used globally, there are even more sources for Android news and reviews than other topics. This curated list gives you the need-to-know information about your favorite operating system.

Reddit Android
More than two million redditors come together to discuss all things Android, sharing news, rumors, tips, and reviews. There is also plenty of discussion on Android topics, memes, and other Android content.

Android Police
Android Police has been bringing you all the latest news on apps and games, reviews, and news since 2010. They publish a ton of new content, so basically everything you want to know about Android will appear on this site. Besides a ton of contributing writers, they also have a video team for video content.

Android Headlines
Android Headlines has been around since 2010. It initially started with simple headlines about Android, but it has since evolved to cover all things in the Android universe. It specializes in feature-style pieces that offer much more depth than simply breaking news.

Android Authority
Android Authority is among the oldest websites related to Android, and they have a huge following. Their large writing staff ensures a steady stream of high-quality content.

Android Guys
Another of the oldest websites about Android, Android Guys began in 2007. They specialize in smartphones in particular, and even more specifically on unlocked phones. This isn’t a breaking news site, but instead they are focused on tips, tools, and educational content.

Tech Crunch Android
TechCrunch focuses on the business side of tech, news, and trends. It specializes in tech startups and startup funding news. It also has a helpful Apps section, focusing specifically on phone apps. Their Android page zooms in farther to Android news.

Android Archives
Whatever phone you use your Android OS on, this site has the information for you. Latest deals, reviews, app advice, and more. They specialize in following carrier news related to Android.

Droid Life
Droid Life began as a hobby in 2009. Now, it’s an opinion-based Android website. They sometimes include promotions to help pay for the site.

Android Developers
Android Developers is a YouTube channel, full of short videos with advice for Android developers.

Android Central
Android Central focuses on phones, highlighting all the phone-related Android news they can drum up.