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10 reasons to start following Scottish people on Twitter

Posted by / June 2, 2019
Wank is a Scottish abbreviation of wanker, which is of course someone who pleasures oneself.
If you’re confused, “a” is sometimes used in place of “I”.
“Kitted oot” = outfitted. “High vis” = high visibility vest. “Dug” = dog (duh).
Translation: “Can’t believe my mom send me…”
Don’t worry, Scotland. You’ll always be “full throttle mad bastards.”
Here we go: “Got to that point in my life I’ve just embraced the fact I’m gone to end up married to some fat crackpot off a dating site who secretly tracks me on my phone all day and makes terrible dinners on purpose because I said I was in Asda (a grocery store) when I was hiding from her in the shed.”
Scottish people still call women birds, by the way. Also please note the phrase “mad shagger” and incorporate it into your daily life.
“Needty” = Need to.
There is some controversy over this tweet, since “riddy” is British slang for embarrassed.


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