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10 tools to protect yourself from content theft

Posted by / July 29, 2013

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If you’ve put the effort into writing a stellar blog post, the last thing you want to find out is that someone else is reaping the rewards of your content.

Everyone who blogs will likely experience this frustration at one point or another, so Adam Connell of wrote a guest post at Problogger explaining how you can protect your content from less honest colleagues and what steps to take if — or when — it happens to you.

Google Alerts

Google Alerts are simple e-mail alerts you can establish by notifying Google that you want to keep tabs on certain keywords or phrases. Copy a unique phrase in your blog post or the title of your post and ask Google to send you an e-mail any time it is published elsewhere on the Web.

Use a plagiarism checker

There are several plagiarism checkers online. All of them have their benefits. Grammarly is a proofreading service and grammar checker, but it will also check your text against plagiarism. Plagiumis another one. However, unlike Grammarly, you can check an entire URL to see if your content has been plagiarized…

WordPress SEO by Yoast

This WordPress plugin is useful if you are using the standalone WordPress software. The plugin has a feature that allows you to add some code to your RSS feed so that if your post is republished elsewhere, then an automatic link will be inserted pointing back to your website…

Full story at Problogger.

Protecting your blog.

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