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11 wonderful celebrity thank-you notes

Posted by / February 12, 2012


Mom always said that writing thank-you notes was an absolute must, and we’re happy these celebrities took Mom’s advice so that we have the chance to read them today. Adrienne Crezo of mental_floss searched through the collection at Letters of Note and found eleven great examples of celebrity gratitude.


Once upon a time (1989), a little girl named Amy sent a bottle of colored water, oil and glitter to Roald Dahl, who knew right away that this was a dream in a bottle inspired by his book, The BFG. In response, the author penned this short note to his 7-year-old fan.


Once upon another time (1974), John Lennon showed up drunk to LA’s Troubadour club and proceeded to heckle the Smothers Brothers during their act. A fight ensued which involved just about everyone, including actress Pam Grier. The next day, she got this letter from Lennon.

Full story at mental_floss and Letters of Note.

Celebrity ettiquette.

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