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12 ways to cut your risk for colon cancer

Posted by / October 7, 2017

The colon’s job is anything but glamorous, so give it a break with a few, easy dietary changes.

Care2 offers twelve scientifically-backed ways to lower your colon cancer risk with foods that don’t skimp on flavor and are often incredibly easy to find.

1. Avoid Processed Meats

Processed luncheon meats, bacon, cold cuts, hot dogs, sausage and other types of processed meats have been classified by the World Health as “Group 1” carcinogens, in the same category as cigarette smoking and asbestos. In addition to high amounts of saturated fats, processed meats typically contain nitrites and nitrates that are known carcinogens and are best avoided.

2. Eat More Curries

Curcumin, one of the phytonutrients found in the spice turmeric, has been found in numerous studies to reduce colon cancer risk. A study found in Cancer Prevention Research showed that curcumin suppresses the ability of colon cancer cells to proliferate, suggesting it is helpful both in the prevention and treatment of the condition.

Full story at Care2.

The preventative power of healthy eating.

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