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15 martini recipes – mmm – vote for your fave

Splash from olive in a glass of cocktail.

What Aristotle said of Greek tragedy in the Poetics is also true of the Martini. “Having passed through many changes, it found its natural form; and there it stopped.” …. I am not arguing that there is a natural recipe for the Martini, a natural proportion of gin to vermouth. I am arguing that there is a natural form, which comprises the essential qualities of the Martini… Its pleasure, which is not voluptuous but astringent, can only be expressed by oxymoron: sensuous coldness, opulent dryness, mysterious clarity, alluring purity.
—Lowell Edmunds, Martini, Straight Up: The Classic American Cocktail (Quoted by Troy Patterson, Slate)

Here are 15 representative of the ilk:

  1. The Contemporary Standard
  2. The Dutch Martini
  3. It’s the Vermouth, Stupid
  4. The Nick & Nora
  5. The Martini de Luxe
  6. The Fitty Fitty
  7. The Bernard deVoto
  8. The Instant Martini
  9. The Mild-Mannered MFK Fisher
  10. The IBA Official Recipe
  11. The Hoffmann House
  12. The Critic’s Choice
  13. The Astoria Cocktail
  14. The Creative Commons
  15. The Grey Lady

About the only thing they have in common is gin…of one type or another.

For the recipes, more martini facts and to vote on your favourite go to: Slate.

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