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17 interesting facts about DNA

Posted by / July 22, 2010

If you’re a living creature, you’ve got DNA. But how much do you really know about the microscopic building block of life that shapes who you are? Here are seventeen things you should know about DNA:

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  • Raleigh

    It’s really hard to believe that there is that little difference in the DNA between chimps and people. I guess that explains why my kids act the way they do 🙂

    • Nicole Alali

      haha yea i guess thats true!!

    • Camron Hyder

      In our belief system Chimps were initially Human beings. They were turned into chimps because they acted like animals and weren’t fit enough to be human! (hehe) makes sense why they share so much!

      also, this answers to the question that human beings were never a monkey and evolved … its the other way round. A human being was always a human… some devolved to monkeys!

      • Marie

        blahh !

  • yara


  • Brady


  • julia


  • Prakash Shrestha

    nice fact about the DNA, interesting

  • Cool

  • hola soy anahi me gusto mucho lo ke aprendy gracias por no dar me nada de information

  • ljs

    Not really !! Some points are fake

    • Dawg

      which points?

    • carola

      yeh right cuz u know it all right

  • Tayla

    Wow really interesting

  • this is awesome stuff about this DNA


  • Cody


  • jfgikwrgjwg

    yo yo yo this stuff is rockn’ brah

  • Pat Wheeldon

    this is so interesting … thank you for your site!!

  • montessori east

    all the info here is actually not boring at all it is verry helpfull

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  • Msahetov

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  • Dhivya


  • kat

    what the [email protected]$% dose that mean

  • kat


  • kat


  • Ivy

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  • Ivy

    F*** this s***

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  • katie


  • katie


  • here are some more amazing and interesting facts about DNA …

  • Brittany Black

    This really helped with my science project..thanks

  • richdogga

    this is a really bad website it didn’t teach me a thing 🙁 u guys should really get a life lol

  • im not going to leave a mean but this is pretty rubbish. No offence but you should try harder!

  • conniehoyland ^^^^^^^

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    That is so interesting, do you have facts about our entire body?

  • @camronhyder Same here lol

  • bob

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  • bob

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  • blueberry

    So GOOD! thanks!

  • Nice information on various types of Mutations here:

  • isabella

    thanxs for helping me do my homework on DNA

  • Lol this helped me so much with my home work♡♥