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18 horrible things overheard in private school

If the internet has done anything for humanity, it has made being both awful and completely unknown very, very difficult.  If the wrong person overhears your perfectly innocent tirade against the existence of puppies, your words will be forever preserved on some article somewhere, and you’ll never be president.

Case in point: Buzzfeed has culled the facebook page dedicated to recording horrible things overheard in private school, picking out the eighteen worst of the bunch.  I’m going to take a wild guess and say that the people who said “I’m in too good of a mood to be worrying about the opinions of poor people” and “I don’t like public transport.  I’m afraid I might catch poverty” didn’t think their words would be recorded elsewhere.  I’m sure it’s perfectly understandable in context.

Full story at Buzzfeed.

What’s wrong with our schools?

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