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2 shark attacks in Hawaii: Victims survive to tell the tale

White_shark  Credit- terry goss

From Huffington Post:

Two separate serious shark attacks off the coast of Oahu and Maui in Hawaii last week have closed beaches and terrified swimmers. The victims of both attacks are recovering, and each recently described the scary incidents to local news media.

The first attack:

  • July 29
  • White Plains in Ewa Beach
  • Oahu
  • teenage surfer was bitten while about 100 feet from shore
  • witness say shark was about 8-10 feet long

The second attack:

  • July 31
  • Ulua Beach in Wailea
  • Maui
  • retired teacher was bitten while swimming in about 10 feet of water
  • shark was possibly as big as 25′


Experts told KHON 2 that the attacks could be related to murky water conditions created by the recent tropical storm Flossie.

“Because there’s lots of food being carried in there, so they’re coming closer the shore,” Waikiki Aquarium Director Dr. Andrew Rossiter told the station of the sharks. “The water’s murky, they’re basically biting into anything that they sense it’s not a good time to be in the water.”

For more on these attacks and for the victims’ stories, see here: Huffington

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Photo credit: Great White by Terry Goss, Wikipedia

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