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25 incredibly clever household tips and tricks

Posted by / January 8, 2012


Life gets easier with 25 handy household ideas collected by the folks at Daily Buzz. For example, did you know a walnut can disguise scratches in wood? Ingenious and delicious.

A sampling of other tips and tricks:


Prevent apple browning in your kids’ lunches with a rubber band.


A bowl acts as a cheap amplifier for your iPhone.


Finally learn how to fold a fitted sheet.


A magnetic strip helps keep track of bobby pins, tweezers, and other small metal items.

Full list at The Daily Buzz.

A huge collection of life tips and tricks.

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  • Anonymous

    My sheets never come out that flat. Are these made out of tissue paper?

  • I just ball my fitted sheet and squish them into the shelf.

  • Peter Shields

    WD40 Removes the glue from sticking plasters, sticky labels, goo from leaf droppings if you park your car under a tree etc. etc.