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5 fun facts about the Big Dipper

Posted by / August 24, 2010


The Big Dipper is one of the first star formations many children learn to recognize when gazing up at the vast night sky. Brush up on your knowledge of the oversized outer space scooper with five out of this world facts.

  1. The Big Dipper isn’t a constellation. What?! Seriously. The formation is actually an asterism and part of the constellation Ursa Major.
  2. The Big Dipper is comprised of seven stars: Alkaid, Mizar, Alioth, Megrez, Phecda, Merak, Dubhe.
  3. In 50,000 years, the Big Dipper will change shape and face the opposite way.
  4. The Bible refers to the formation as “the seven stars” (Amos 5:8).
  5. In other countries, the Big Dipper is referred to as the Plough, the Saucepan, the Great Wagon, and the Big Bear.

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