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5 news headlines that will make you smile (for a change)

Posted by / June 20, 2019

Scientists have figured out how to convert all blood types to O, the universal blood type, using gut bacteria. If the process holds up to more testing, blood transfusions can be much easier.

A huge African wildlife reserve reported zero dead elephants for the past year. Thousands of elephants have been killed in this Mozambique reserve in recent years, so this is a major step up.

A dad gave hundreds of free hugs to marchers at an LGBTQ pride parade. Many LGBTQ people experience rejection from their parents.

Costa Rica is banning all styrofoam containers. It’s honestly a bit surprising that this isn’t more popular, given how bad styrofoam is for the environment.

James Holzhauer, the two-million-dollar Jeopardy champ, just donated money to a pancreatic cancer charity in Alex Trebek’s name. Trebek recently announced that he had late-stage pancreatic cancer, but miraculously he has made a “mind-boggling” recovery.

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