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5 pieces of good news from an otherwise crummy week

Posted by / June 22, 2019

Dogs are getting cancer vaccines, and humans could be next. Cancer is a personal disease––it affects everyone differently. That makes vaccines impossible––or so many people thought. But one scientist is trying a vaccine in dogs that might be able to be used on humans. Dogs make a perfect test group because they have a high rate of cancer and because they have much shorter lifespans.

Putin is ramping up punishments for selling illegal animals online. He also made the punishment more severe for government officials selling illegal animals.

New York will decriminalize marijuana and expunge former convictions. The state says this will go a long way towards to overcoming institutionalized racism.

Elizabeth Warren wants to eliminate private prisons. Hopefully that sparks a national conversation about private prisons.

Divorce rates are plummeting (thanks to millennials). Millennials want to wait to get married until everything is secure––probably because they got so burned by their parents’ divorce.

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