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6 drivers so bad you’ll never want to get on the road again

Posted by / June 2, 2019
Ah, who doesn’t love the super slow, last minute lane change for no good reason? Chances are you’ve seen this classic move before, and maybe even been on the receiving end.
You’d think the police would be good drivers, given how much they do it and how much training they get. But there are always doofus drivers, badge or not.
Here’s a nice little break in the middle of this list. Most of the time, bad drivers just get away with their crap. But you can enjoy some sweet justice in this video––watch as the minivan driver tries to back up on an offramp (what better time?) right in front of the cops.
Red light schmed light, we’re going around these feels and through an intersection. Thankfully, no one got hurt in this video, but with the way this person drives an accident is guaranteed.
Pop quiz. You are about to miss your exit on the highway. What do you do? The safe choice, in which you just take the next exit and flip around? Or the stupidest possible choice, in which you stop until you get a window? If you chose the latter, please stop driving.
And for the grand finale, the reason you’re never going to get within 20 feet of a big truck again.

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