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6 reasons you should give country music a shot

Posted by / June 23, 2019

Country music gets a bad reputation, largely because of the truly horrible “stadium country” exemplified by Bo Burnham in this clip:

Many folks think country music is all sad songs about breakups and alcoholism. Not so. This Tom T. Hall number is hilarious.
Listen to Dolly’s vibrato here. Her vocal control is simply incredible, and the bargain store metaphor is really quite beautiful.
Country and rock were once much more closely related than they are now. This song highlights that connection––and it’s a hell of a lot of fun to dance to.
George Strait is one of the giants of classic country, and this song is one of his most accessible. Also. That. Violin.
There are still active country musicians embodying the classic style, and Devin Jake does a killer job on this record. This song in particular is a masterpiece.
Amanda Cevallos blends Tejano and classic country, and her stunning voice can stop time.

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