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7 horrifically tacky objects that are actually pretty well executed

Posted by / June 12, 2019
It’s hard to tell what’s the worst thing about this car. The eyes or horrific. The tiny lips/mouth, which is nothing like a hippo mouth. The baby hippo on top of the car. The side mirrors shaped like ears. Ugh. That all being said, it’s pretty impressive craftsmanship.

This is not toast with some butter on it. It’s actually a phone case. Why anyone would want that is beyond me, but there you have it.
Two words: Velvet Benz. How? Why? What if it rains?
No idea what this supposed to be, but it’s neat.
NO. This is stupid and unsafe. But…it really does look like one of those old Nintendo guns.
Ugh, Van Gough away with this nonsense.
If you go into a dentist office and it looks like this, RUN. You’ve just walked into an episode of Dexter.

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