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7 tips for selling executives on social media

Posted by / April 13, 2011


Are you working in a marketing environment in which you think social media should play a larger role, but your executives don’t quite see the point? Don’t feel bad, you’re not alone. Desite there being millions upon millions of Twitter and Facebook users out there, some suit-wearing bigwigs still just don’t believe in its worth. That’s where you come in. Even if you’ve fought tooth and nail to no avail to make web 2.0 a priority, there’s hope. Just follow these seven tips for selling your bosses on social media.

See a few of them below:

  • Understand what you CAN measure today (and know what you can’t).
  • Show them the money. Explain to them how social media can impact sales, revenue, and costs.
  • Identify with the mindset of executives. Eliminate the jargon and get to the bottom line.

More on all seven at Social Media Examiner.

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