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8 videos guaranteed to make you ugly cry out of happiness

Posted by / July 31, 2018

The internet can be a dark place. Take a wrong turn on the information superhighway, and you’ll be reading stories of true crime that will give you nightmares or seeing photos of grisly, horrible things. Take another turn, and you’ll see thousands of videos of cats and dogs just being themselves. It’s very cute and releases some dopamine, but those kinds of videos don’t really enlighten us to the nature of the human condition or inspire us to greater heights of goodness. These videos are meant to do just that.

This video, for example, shows us in incredible detail the love of a father. This man works multiple jobs to support his family. His eighth-grade daughter thought she would never get the dress of her dreams for her formal. But her dad had another idea in mind. He surprised her with the dress, and the moment was caught on film. Note how the daughter goes straight in for the hug. She doesn’t even look at the dress. Then note the dad’s smile.

If you’re not misty-eyed yet, then you might want to break out the tissues. This little girl was born without a leg bone. In this video, she learns to run for the first time. If that isn’t enough to get the waterworks going, she was inspired to run by a sweet, three-legged puppy!

Being separated from family is one of the hardest things you can experience in life. And when that separation is caused by military enlistment, it’s even harder. Parents worry so much about their enlisted kids. This video shows you how much relief parents feel when they lay eyes on their children. This woman’s daughter returned home from the Navy to surprise her mom. The family organized a clever way of surprising the mom––they asked her to unwrap a mirror while the daughter stood behind her.

Parents aren’t the only ones that miss their military loved ones. Dogs miss their families just as much, in their own way, as humans miss their families. In this surprise-homecoming video, a woman tells her dog to sit, lifts a sheet, and then drops the sheet to reveal the dog’s dad. Watching the joy emanate from both the human and the dog reminds us how important our relationships with our four-legged friends are.

Those Sarah McLachlan commercials remind us of the total depravity of man. The way that people mistreat the animals featured in those commercials is absolutely sickening. But this video reminds us that most people are good to animals, and in fact some people are excellent to animals. A degenerative change in the dog’s neck wound up causing quadriplegia. This video shows a woman first witnessing her dog walk after the dog underwent physical therapy.

Just Sundquist is a Paralympian, motivational speaker, and author. He’s also got one heck of a sense of humor. His Halloween costumes are legendary. Here he is, for example, as a gingerbread man.

In this video, Josh describes an important day in his life: the day he found his sole mate. See, whenever Josh buys a pair of shoes, he has to either throw away the left shoe or hold on to it, hoping to find someone else of the same shoe size who is missing their right leg and needs those left shoes. After years, Josh finally found that person and created an amazing shoe-swap.

Few moments are more powerful in someone’s life than finding out that they’re going to be a parent. There are lots of videos of parental-reveals online, and they’re all great. This is one of our favorites, though, because it is slightly different. The man finding out he’s about to be a daddy is deaf. As a result, there’s no yelling or shouting in this video. Instead, you can see all of his emotions etched onto his face. It’s raw emotionality, and it’s going to make you cry.

Surely your eyes are leaking by now. This next video is guaranteed to increase the flow. Leonard Fournette, a running back with the Jacksonville Jaguars, is an all-around good dude. He’s done lots of good deeds, like helping to pay an LSU student’s tuition. In this video, watch Fournette sign his cleats for a disabled fan. The fan loses his mind, and when Fournette goes in for the hug it’s icing on the cake.


Hopefully these videos have done more than left mascara stains down your cheeks or forced you to cut onions to hide your sobbing. We hope that they’ve given you a window into some other sides of humanity that the internet often overlooks. There is lots of inspirational stuff like this online, you just have to know where to look. More importantly, though, you have to make the choice to avoid the bad stuff.

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