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The 9 traits of borderline personality disorder (and how to see them)

There are nine traits of borderline personality disorder. If you have someone in your life who causes you to feel like you’re walking on eggshells, take a look at this video. You might be dealing with someone with borderline personality disorder.

  1. Paralyzing fear of abandonment
  2. Difficulty maintaining stable interpersonal relationships
  3. Identity instability (changes in hair, clothes, even name)
  4. Impulsive behaviors
  5. Repeated suicidal thoughts, even behavior
  6. Abrupt, common shifts in mood
  7. Powerful and almost debilitating sense of emptiness
  8. Sporadic, volcanic eruptions of anger
  9. Stress-induced paranoia.

Full story at YouTube.

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  • aprocessforlove

    I have seen enough of borderline personality disorder to know that it is written with validation. I have had this disorder for a while and I think there are some thing missing in your list :

    1. Lack of respect from all quarters causing tears to overflow when ever respect is given.
    2. Delusional about women.
    3. Zealous confessor.
    4. Prone to fantasies that lead up to nowhere.

    And the factor that makes total sense is the “Identity instability” (Clothes, hair and habits)