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10 fake dissertations that should totally be real

Posted by / June 3, 2019

The subreddit for grad students, /r/gradschool, is generally not a very happy place––trust me, I spent 6 years on that subreddit. It’s usually filled with grad students complaining about their advisors, agonizing over upcoming defenses, or lamenting failed experiments. But every now and then they do something fun. One member of the sub suggested that users create a fake dissertation title based off a colloquialism. Here are a few of the best:

Liberal Arts:

“‘Sugondese’: Word Play and Vernacular Patriarchy”

“‘What’s Good for the Goose is Good for the Gander:” Foucault’s Panopticon and the Ethical Implications of School Trips to Zoos”

“‘From the Window to the Wall’: Popular Culture’s Celebration of Masculine Domestic Spaces”

“LEEROOOOYYYY JEEENKIIINNNSSSS!” A Reevaluation of Rational Choice Theory in the Context of Impromptu Irrationality

The Sciences

“Let’s get this bread”: A rapid culture technique for Sacchromyces cervisiae in order to mass produce bakery products for human consumption.

“Crap on a cracker”: harnessing energy production through targeted application of microbial biomass to agricultural waste.”

“From Trash to Treasure: the valorization of corn stover lignin via ozonolysis and condensation into prepolymers for technical reasons.”

“Dicks out for Harambe”: The social, economical, and political factors in somatic cell nuclear transfer use to clone and repopulate Western Lowland Gorillas.

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