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A birthday song free-for-all!

Posted by / February 21, 2013


If there’s one entity that should be available for free kicks, it’s whoever got their paws on the copyright to “Happy Birthday to You,” but since Time Warner isn’t offering up their hindquarters on which to vent our frustrations, Free Music Archive decided to run a contest to offer the public a free way to serenade friends and families in public without having to cough up royalties.

Just in case the top songs don’t tickle your fancy, there are two discs’ worth of songs from which to choose, but here are the winners as determined by their prestigious panel of judges.

“It’s Your Birthday!” by Monk Turner + Fascinoma

“An Alternative Birthday Song” by Bob Barta

“It’s Your Birthday!” by The Blank Tapes

Full story at FMA via Geekosystem.

Free music.

Photo credit: Fotolia

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