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A gentleman’s guide to scarf-tying [infographic]

Posted by / November 11, 2013


The temperature’s dropping, and newbies to the world of men’s fashion might be trying to figure out the proper method for adding a scarf to a suit and tie without ruining that polished, professional look.

Thankfully, TheGentleManual is here to help with a handy infographic explaining how to  sport a scarf like the pros.

Hey, real men don’t feel the chill, but only if they’re wearing the proper neckwear.

Via TheGentleManual.

Stay fashionable with infographics.


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  • I think the connoisseur switched steps 2 and 3. (Even snobs make mistakes.)

    • Oh thanks. I was so confused and couldn’t figure out what was going on in that. LOL.

  • Real men don’t wear scarves.

    • sharkbait

      So what you’re saying is that real men like getting colds? Ok then.

      • Colds are caused by a viruses, not exposure to cold temperatures; that would be frostbite or hypothermia. Nonetheless, “real men” have the courage to wear what they wish. Fashion aside, in many places scarves are indeed practical garments. Try walking the streets of Manhattan in January without one, man woman or other!

  • Chris Lopez

    I always thought the purpose of a scarf was to cover your neck and throat as protection from the cold.I don’t see how the Ivy Leaguer method does that, therefore it’s useless.

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