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An inside look at publishing

Posted by / November 24, 2010

I could write a post a day about people and things that I am thankful for, but this one is dedicated to the team at Portfolio, an imprint of Penguin, who are helping me publish my latest book, Enchantment: The Art of Changing Hearts, Minds, and Actions. Here are photographs from my recent visit to Penguin’s offices in New York. It provides an inside look at the book publishing business.


Penguin is located in Manhattan at 365 Hudson. This is the front of the building.


This is the marble-encrusted lobby.


The fourth floor is where the action happens—at least for my book, anyway.


Kyle Davis, editorial assistant. “Editorial assistant” means that he makes sure that everything comes together from manuscript, permissions, photos, cover, flap copy, etc. You name it, he has to make sure it happens.


Rick Kot. Rick is my editor, and we’ve done so many books together that I’ve lost count. He comes up with ideas for a book, I write the book, he edits the book, and then we both pray that it sells.


Laura Tisdel, associate editor of the Viking imprint of Penguin. She used to work for Rick, but now she’s an editor on her own. Go Laura!


These are books that are going out because of a promotion on Oprah’s show.


Here’s how the shipping work is done.


This is what a typical publicist’s office looks like.


Rick’s office on a neat day. Your pitch could be somewhere in one of those piles someday!


Art department.


Joe Perez, director of art. In other words, he makes sure you have a great cover among other things.


Dan Lagin. He designed the interior of the book.


Adrian Zackheim, president and publisher of Portfolio. In other words, he’s the Big Cheese.


Will Weisser, vice-president of Portfolio & Sentinel. In other words, he’s the second Biggest Cheese.


Power lunch with one’s publisher.


This is what a powerless author sees across the table at a power lunch with his publisher: (left to right, Adrian, Will, and Rick).

Missing from these pictures: Allison McLean, associate director of publicity, and Jacquelyn Burke, publicity assistant.

Here’s big thanks to all the folks at Portfolio who are helping me with my book!

I shot these pictures using a Nikon D7000 using a 10-24 mm wide-angle lens.

More information about my book here.

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  • V.V. Denman

    It’s so nice to see a glimpse into the world beyond the query.

  • Love this!