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Why beauty make us happy

Posted by / October 28, 2018

We all love beautiful things. But we don’t often think about why we like beautiful things. This Kurzgesagt video––like most of them do––argues that evolutionary biology explains why we like beautiful things. Essentially, we find symmetry beautiful, for example. And in nature, symmetry means that things are orderly. Symmetrical trees and bushes and animals mean that they’re healthy and as they should be. A symmetrical face, which people often consider beautiful, implies that the person is healthy and therefore a good choice as a baby-making partner.

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  • I am in love with just the title of the blog! Beauty is amazing and I cant even explain how I feel about it! great blog!

  • asantos0009

    great article this gave me some insight in the way we as humans interpret aspects of life.

  • beauty is beauty